New York State Beach Cleanup

Sponsored by the American Littoral Society - Northeast Chapter

New York State Beach Cleanup Forms

About the forms....

Here on the forms page you can find all the forms for a successful cleanup as well as the forms to submit your data and more.

Registration Form

Use the registration form to sign up a site of your choosing. Registrations forms can be filled out by the individual who will be the Beach Captain for a site, or by the Coordinator for an area who will be registering several sites to be cleaned. Registrations forms can be downloaded and mailed or emailed, or you can fill the registration form out online. Click on the links below.

Registration Word Document
Additional Sites Registration Word Document
Registration Adobe Document
Additional Sites Registration Adobe Document
Registration Form Online.

Data Cards

Data cards will be shipped with packets. Should you need more Data Cards, download extra data cards here. Data cards are needed for volunteers to record the debris that pick up at the cleanup site. One data card for every three volunteers. (Data cards are tallied at the end of the cleanup and transposed to the Summary Cards.)

Data Card Side 1 Word Document
Data Card Side 2 Word Document
Data Card Adobe Document

Summary Card

The summary card is the culumative data from all the Data Cards. Only ONE summary card (both front and back) should be submitted for EACH site cleaned. Summary cards will be included in the packets to the coordinators. Should you have misplaced your Summary Cards, click a link below to download and print a new one. Summary cards can be emailed or mailed to:
Natalie Grant
New York State Beach Cleanup Coordinator
80-31 Margaret Place
Glendale, NY 11385.

Summary Card Side 1 Word Document
Summary Card Side 2 Word Document
Summary Card Side 1 Adobe Document
Summary Card Side 2 Adobe Document

Report Form

A report form needs to be filled out for EACH site cleaned. Report forms are filled out by the Beach Captain of the cleanup site. Please be sure that all information is filled in on the report form. Report forms are a more condensed form of the general information on your registration, data cards and summary cards. Download the report form or and return by email or mail to:
Natalie Grant
New York State Beach Cleanup Coordinator
80-31 Margaret Place
Glendale, NY 11385.

Report Form Word Document
Report Form Adobe Document

Photo/Video Release Form

Fill out the Photo/Video release form for each participant in the photo that is under the age of 18. Without the form, I cannot publish the pictures to the photo gallery. Forms can be submitted by mail or email. Beach Captains must retain the completed original form for a minimum of three months.

Photo/Video Word Document
Photo/Video Adobe Document

Adopt-A-Beach Certificate

Willing to commit to cleaning a beach for a specific period of time? Fill out the Adopt-A-Beach Certificate and mail or email it to the address on the certificate.

Adopt-A-Beach Certificate Word Document
Adopt-A-Beach Certificate Adobe Document

Volunteer Sign-in Sheets

In need of more volunteer sign-in sheets? You can download them here for printing.

Volunteer sing-in sheet as a Word Document
volunteer sign-in sheets as an Adobe Document