New York State Beach Cleanup

Sponsored by the American Littoral Society - Northeast Chapter

How the New York State Beach Cleanup works.....
.... As a Beach Captain

Select a site where you would like to perform your beach cleanup. On smaller sites or sites will little debris, priority is given to those that performed a cleanup the previous year.

Choose any date in the months of September or October

Register your site at by clicking on the Registration Form link on the left-hand side of the page.

Advertise your cleanup and gather your volunteers

Receive your supplies in late August. (supplies include trash bags, data cards, and documents with tips and hits as well as posters, flyers and brochures.)

Gather all other necessary supplies such as a scale for the weighing of the filled trash bags and a container to dispose of sharp objects.

If your cleanup is NOT private, your cleanup site information and contact information will be listed on the NYS Beach Cleanup website for volunteers to contact you to find out more information or to join your cleanup.

On the date of your cleanup meet your volunteers at your designated location and time. Distribute trash bags and data cards and give a brief speech about safety (and not to pick up sharps), to record the data accurately and to return trash to a designated location.

Collect data cards from all volunteers.

Total data cards onto Coordinator Card, and transfer data to the report form.

Return report form, sign-in sheets and Coordinator Card to NYS Beach Cleanup Coordinator, Natalie Grant.

.... As a volunteer

Visit and click on the Site List link on the left-hand side of the page.

Find a site you would like to join and contact the Beach Captain of that site to find out more information about their cleanup and where and when to meet. If there is no contact information, the site is private and not open to the public. Beach Captains are registering sites from May through October, so check back frequently to find a site convenient to you.

Mark the date on your calendar!

Meet the Beach Captain on the date of the cleanup for instructions on how to have a safe and successful cleanup.